Om Gum Ganesha Bracelet

Blushing Buddha's Om Gum Ganesha Bracelet is crafted in India with love using eight faceted (mukhi) rudraksha natural seed beads. This unique bracelet is an inspirational gift for all yoginis embracing new creative adventures. 

Limited time special: In appreciation of our happy customers, we have taken 27% off our list price of $38.98! 

Detail: 7 1/4 - 8 inches depending on which ring you select to secure the clasp. Due to the size of the beads this bracelet is more suitable to a 7 inch wrist or smaller. There are nine beads strung together with one dangling summing a total of 10 rudraksha beads. Each bead is cushioned by cheerful bright red wool spaces. An adorable silver Ganesh charm dangles from the bracelet reminding its wearer of the power of GUM!

Vedic Power of 8, 9, 1

Deity: Lord Ganesha removes all obstacles along the path to achievement.

Jyotish: In India eight faceted rudraksha beads are often used to enhance the blessings of Lord Ganesha. Practice focusing on Ganesha to minimize the challenges of Rahu.

Vastu Shastra: Ganesha resides in the SW place of Rahu facing off Ketu in the NE. Nine beads are strung together to bless the yogini while softening the challenging gifts of Ketu.

Polarity Healing: Lung, Skin, and Eyes.

Mantra: Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha!   

Blushing Buddha's Secret: She energizes her Om Gum Ganesha bracelet on a very special Sun Temple stone Ganesha carving (SW corner).

Blushing Buddha's Mediation: A meditation recipe for the power of One! Place sandalwood paste on your fingers and roll the single dangling rudraksha 8 mukhi bead between your thumb and forefinger. Visualize all your chakras absorbing golden sunlight. Feel the warmth of the sun starting in your toes. Slowly allow the warmth to travel up to your heart space. Meditate from your sunny heart space for 20-45 minutes.

Blushing Buddha Shares: I retrieved my Om Gum Ganesha bracelet when I was frustrated with my inability to upload product images. After a few minutes of playing with the beads, I realized that I had to simply click "OK" to successfully upload my images. There is no laughter that is more healing than the laugh that comes from within! Om Gum is also my lucky "relief bracelet" when I'm experiencing writers block.

Om Gum Ganesha Bracelet

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