Wish Fulfilling Wedding Prayer Flags

Wish Fulfilling Wedding Prayer Flags bring good fortune and joy! These prayer flags also make an auspicious statement at soul union and romantic partnership ceremonies!

Who's getting married in the morning? Would you like a wedding in your lovely garden? A Blushing Buddha favorite to bring to engagement parties and bridal showers.

Blessed Prayer in both English and Tibetan: 

By the power of divine Windhorse, divine beings the protectors, and by the power vested in the Wish-fulfilling Jewels and the Eight Auspicious Symbols, May this Wedding be Auspicious; May this union bring endless happiness, luck, love, and prosperity to the newly married couple. May all the sincere and good wishes of the couple be fulfilled quickly.

Detail: Designed by a Tibetan monk!

10 flags, 8 by 10 inches. Total length is 10 feet. Top Quality! Material good weight, colors well saturated, clean print. Colors of individual flags include: Blue, White, Red, Green, and Yellow. Text in Gold, White, and Black print. 100% cotton hemmed flags handmade in Kathmandu, Nepal.

 Blushing Buddha's Practice: 

Gather a group of close friends on the first Monday morning before the wedding for a vegetarian Prayer Flag breakfast! The closer to sunrise the better! Give each guest a stick of incense and a copy of the prayer. Install the flag in the garden, wave the incense, and recite the wedding prayer in unison! 


Blushing Buddha's Sparkle: Gift the prayer flags along with one of Angel's handmade cards. Place one of our divine yantras for wealth inside the card along with happy wedding cash wrapped around the yantra.  The Sacred Lotus card is a Blushing Buddha favorite for weddings!



Wish Fulfilling Wedding Prayer Flags

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