Shree Vishnu Yantra

Om Shree Vishnu! Welcome Shree Vishnu's gifts. Let him light the path to wise financial planning!

Lord Vishnu provides a solid foundation for success. You can also focus on Lord Vishnu to deepen your mediation practice!

Detail: 2x2 inches square, copper yantra, plated with 24 carat gold.

All of our yantras are blessed and energized in India. The superfine etching makes each yantra an intricate work of art.

Mantra: Om Namo Narayanaya or Om Shree Narayanaya Shawha

Blushing Buddha's Practice:

Start your practice by offering your yantra a few drops of spring water.

You may also prepare rose or basil water for yantra pujas.

Take the yantra outside to absorb sunlight.

Next, prepare a salt bathPlace 2-4 drops of  holy basil, clary sage, and bergamot, in your bath water.

Relax and let your mind rejuvenate from the healing bath.

Clear your mind and breathe in the essential oils.

Dress yourself in fresh new clean clothes. 

Light a candle and sit in easy pose facing East.

Place sandalwood paste on all four corners of the yantra and then place a dot of paste in the center. 

Push a bolster up against the wall if you need extra support to maintain a straight spine.

Complete 3-8 minutes of nadi shodhana.

Gaze at the yantra.

Recite the mantra 19 times.

Begin deep breathing: long inhales through the nose and long exhales pushed out in an even stream through both nostrils

Watch the candlelight dance on the golden yantra. 

Soften your gaze until you can visualize the geometrical images lift off of the yantra and projecinto mid air about 10-12 inches in front of you.

Play with the image until your line of sight adjusts to see the yantra in full detail.

Continue to observe the patterns in the yantra until you feel at one with the yantra.

Allow the images to glide towards you (beyond your line of sight) until you can feel a tingling sensation at your third eye.

Use your internal sight to see the yantra design being absorbed into your third eye.

Close your eyes and meditate. When you are ready, open your eyes and stretch.

Bow your head with  prayer hands at heart level, and whisper, "Namaste".

Open to blank page in your yoga journal and practice automatic writing or drawing. Don't force anything. 

Hold the pen loosely and stay open to nonjudgmental creative responses.

Shree Vishnu Yantra

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