Sacred Lotus Brass Diya

Let your Divine LOVE shine with a Sacred Lotus Diya!



Keep the flame of the Sacred Lotus within your gaze to inspire pure positive thoughts and feelings.



Allow this pure image to remind you to express your daily bhakti!


Presenting Beautiful Brass Diyas for Daily Prayer and Diwali:




Approximate Dimensions: 6 inches (H) X 3.25 inches (W) X 3.75 inches (L)


Weight: 11.28 ounces/320 grams


Material:  Brass with polished finish. 


Made in India: Brass products may have small imperfections.


Easy Assembly Required: Base, Stem, Lotus Leaves, Sacred Lotus, Wick Holder. Use your hands to twist each piece into place. 


Safety First: Please always first consult your local fire department for instructions on oil lamp safety. 


Note: Diya NOT sold with wicks and oil! Wicks and Puja oils are commonly available at many East Indian grocery stores (check local stores during the weeks leading up to Diwali). 


Suggestions: You can also use your diya for decorative purposes only! Also, you can fill your diya with small crystals, seashells, or tiny prayer scrolls. 


Blushing Buddha’ Sparkle: Purchase this diya and one of our Healing Art Cards to give as a Diwali gift for your loved one! During Diwali, you can also decorate your Sacred Lotus Brass Diya with flowers, our Divine God & Goddess Cards, and a Crystal Shree Yantra from our Divine Yoga Clean & Bright Collection



NOTE: Safety First: Keep cards away from the flame and watch your Diwali display closely until you are ready to extinguish. 

Sacred Lotus Brass Diya

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