Rlung Rta Dar Ba Prayer Flags -Set of 10

Increase the wind horse! Visualize riding the Wind Horse while winds invigorate every cell in your body. Notice everything that is joyful for you in this very moment. Appreciate all that you have and feel your pure positive energy multiply!  


Blushing Buddha’s Feng Shui Tip: Every June the Horse enters the South sector of your home and garden. Celebrate horse month by installing wind horse prayer flags in your South 2 sector at 172.5 - 187.5 degrees.




Material: 100% cotton

Origin: made by a tibetan family in Kathmandu, Nepal

Dimensions: 12 feet long, each of the 10 flags is 11 inches wide by 14 inches in length.

Colors: white, red, green, yellow, and blue

Printed with bold dark ink. Inspiring quality-artistic detail!

Rlung Rta Dar Ba Prayer Flags -Set of 10

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