OM GUM! Presenting the remover of all obstacles and the master of all ceremonies. Wise & Powerful Lord Ganesha comes to life in ruby!

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Place your Ruby Ruby Lord Ganesha Deity carving on your alter. You can also place Ruby Ruby Lord Ganesha in your pocket to rub at important meetings or during written tests. Pack Ganesha in your suitcase to keep you company in hotel rooms. Rub the trunk of your Ruby Ruby Lord Ganesha and ask him to bless and commence each day as your "success day".

Detail: Approximately 101 carats of natural Ruby. Carved with pure Bhakti in India from rough stock directly received from India's ruby mines. On average: Weight: 20.20 grams, Length: 33 mm, Base: 22 mm. Each Lord Ganesha is unique.

The color, dimensions, and facial characteristics vary with each piece. The basic color of each carving appears dark red in normal lighting. The color transforms into to a deep raspberry in sunlight and near bright indoor light.

Note: Cleanse your Ruby Ruby Lord Ganesha with pure spring water, polish with a clean soft cloth, and charge with sunlight.

Mantra: Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha!

Why RUBY: Ruby is very durable and may travel in a pocket, purse, backpack, or briefcase. Ruby has many spiritual priorities, but the core property is COURAGE. It takes strong courage to prepare, observe, and act. We as humans can create obstacles both great and small. Sometimes we stagnate in the name of comfort and fear of the unknown. Contemplate the responsibilities and life style changes that come with "success". Ruby can help us relinquish fears that do not serve us on our path to success and prepare us from some of the pitfalls of FAME! Rub the ruby trunk to move forward in the face of fear. Ruby was historically worn by those who were dauntless in Spirit, lionhearted protectors of the vulnerable, and indomitable in battle. 

Ruby transforms blocked energy into movement and is also used to ground and focus. Meditate with ruby to access the ancient wisdom of the rishis, balance the heart chakra, and activate Muladhara (Ganesha's Triangular Island).

The energy of Ruby whispers to the aspirant:

Be the change you want to see in the world.



Blushing Buddha's Sparkle: Rub your Ruby Ruby Lord Ganesha while working on your creative writing or art projects. Hold him in your right hand while studying your favorite yoga books and
sacred texts.

If you feel blocked, start to visualize Lord Ganesha breaking off his tusk to write down the Vedas. Ganesha used his unique brand of Wisdom to beat his brothers in a race around the Universe. You too can slow down long enough to use your own unique brand of Wisdom and creativity.

Use Ganesha's axe to chop down the weed blockages in your own mind. Remember various strains of mind weeds have the same genetic core: Doubt! Use Ganesha's axe to chop or his trunk to pull Doubt out of your mind field. When you are done weeding, there will be fertile space to strengthen and activate your creative abilities.

You may use ruby under your pillow for nightmare protection and dream work.

Place ruby near a red candle for energy and endurance or rub ruby on the center of the soles of clean freshly manicured feet for grounding.


Blushing Buddha's Practice:

Your Ruby Ruby Lord Ganesha invites you to share a loving connection with relatives, friends, and loved ones abroad. 

Position yourself in easy pose, baddha konasana, or lotus. 

Light a magenta candle and place your Ruby Ruby Ganesha next to the candle.

Feel the power of Gum melt the obstacles of space and time between you and your loved one. 

Practice nadi shodhana for 4-8 minutes. Create a connection with your loved one by seeing their face in your mind's eye. If this is difficult, glance at a photograph. 

Once you have a clear image ask your loved one permission for contact. Watch the lips or head movement for a clear yes or no.

Don't be upset if the answer is no. The timing may not be optimal for that person to share with you, but you can surely try again later. 

Eventually, you will receive a resounding," Yes". Pick a positive loving simple image that you associate with your loved one. Take your time. Play with the image in your mind until you can seethe image in full detail and color. 

Connect a positive simple subtle emotion with your chosen image. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Allow your breath to actually animate and amplify the image and the emotion.

Visualize your loved one interacting with the image.

Watch your loved one's face closely until you see the emotion reflected in his or her facial expressions and body movements. 

Bow to each other with Namaste hands or give each other a hug and a smile.


Blushing Buddhas Secret:

For almost two years she kept meeting with obstacles while in the process of finding and purchasing a home. She loved chanting to Ganesh and knew she was close to a shift.

Her Ganesh mantras became longer and stronger each day. Nothing could stop the shift. Sure enough she found and purchased her Blushing Buddha Sanctuary within three weeks time.

Later, she read that certain styles of chanting are referred to as a "freight train mantras".

Nothing can stop your focus. Lord Ganesh is a powerful tool for experiencing no difference between you and the goal. You are the goal. The goal becomes you and you become the goal. Yuj =to yoke! Viva La YOGA!

To thank Lord Ganesha she purchased a large stone Ganesha statue during the last day of a rainy International Tucson Gem Show.

After placing Lord Ganesha in her SW corner palace, she tried her hand at creating a carnation garland for his neck. Then she chanted her Lord Ganesha mantraswith bhakti.

To conclude the ceremony, she placed a very small ruby cabochon on the top of his trunk with the wish that he would adjust happily to his new home.


Blushing Buddha's Shares:

I invite you to first chant the shorter mantra listed above daily for 1-12 months. Then proceed to chant the following mantra with volume and resonance 8 times on a new moon Monday while rubbing the trunk on the Ruby Ruby Lord Ganesha.


Om Ekadantaya Vidmahe
Vakkratundaya Dheemahi
Tanno Danti Prachodayat


There are moments when I know the Divine seed is the reward in and of itself. Yet, I blush and giggle at the image of Lord Ganesha rewarding his little rat (the ego) for obedience with fine gems or small sweet treats. Ahhh, the joys of our human nature. The Divine can experience the sweets through our senses, without preference while our ego is selectively programmed at birth for pleasure and reward.


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