Powerful Attributes Prayer Flags

Feel the prayer flags increase the power of your pure positive attributes! 

Allow the prayer flag’s imagery to spark the power of health and perfect balance in your body, mind, and spirit.

A terrific flag to install at New Year or anytime you want to clarify and empower your New Year’s resolutions! 



Each of the 10 prayer flags depicts the Tibetan Buddhist Powerful Animal (Dignities): Garuda, Dragon, Snow Lion, and Tiger.


Material: 100% Hemmed Cotton turn on with durable polyester cord


Origin: Hand Made in Nepal


Dimensions: 10 flags total. Rope covers approximately 10 feet of space once tied. Each flag = 9 1/2 inches Wide x 13 inches Length. Horizontal -Lugtah


Flag Colors: Blue, White, Red, Green, Yellow


Ink color: Black


Each color represents and element: BLUE-Space, WHITE-Air, RED-Fire, GREEN-Water, YELLOW-Earth. The Intention is to BALANCE the ELEMENTS and thus Enhance good health and Joy! 


Four Powerful Animals:







Reigns over Sky and Fire

The Fire Element

North Direction



Creative Power 

Gentle Strength


Great Wealth

Sunlight of Springtime Skies

Reigns over the clouds

Able to produce rain from squeezing the pearls in his claws

The Element of Water


Snow Lion: 

Seamless Focus!

Union of BODY & Mind!



Animated with the joy of life


Reigning over the Mountain

The element of Earth

National Emblem of Tibet

East Direction







Shifting raw emotions into a state of positive awareness


Direction South

The Element of Wood 


Meaningful Images: This prayer also has 2 more images filled with Tibetan Buddhist symbology.


Happy Goldfish:


Happiness through knowing one’s true pure positive nature



Indefatigable Energy


Lots Bowl/Offering of the 5 senses: 

Through offering the sense objects you allow state of bliss in which you can better experience the delights of senses in a healthy balanced form.


*Postive Qualities

Abundance of Health 

Release of excessively strong cravings

Giving to Others





*5 Sense Objects:

Medicinal Fruit: Taste + Health

Ornate Mirror: Seeing + Clarity + Insight

Cymbals: Hearing + Knowledge + Wisdom

Silk Scarf: Touching + Gentleness + Pure Heart + Compassion

Incense: Smelling + Protection + Cleansing+Healing


Sixth Sense: Choe Chi Khor Lo or Dharma Chakra

Usually the Tibetan mirror images are depicted clear or with dots. In this prayer flag image there is a reflection of an Eight Spoke Wheel-Dharma Chakra = mental consciousness.

A positive interpretation = Balancing Sensory Appetite assists seeing clearly and thus knowing one’s true nature. Pure Happiness for samsaric beings comes from Knowing one’s true pure positive nature. Through offering the senses we become clear, centered, and and our mental consciousness is strong. 


Blushing Buddha’s Sparkle: 

A rainbow of light came through my camera lens while photographing the prayer flags. These happy light effects reminded me that I tend to reach my goals when I'm already feeling relaxed and happy.


Go ahead and write your Intentions or New Year's resolutions when your having a really good day! Focus on what you want instead of what you want to let go. 


Example: Forget about negative statements.

Example: “I want to eat less or I want to not eat _____. “ 


Try statements of intention that are positive. Example: “I want to experience healthy food in satisfying balanced portions that taste delicious and digests easily.”


Blushing Buddha Shares:

A Big Daddy Hummingbird hangs out on my Powerful Attributes Prayer Flag!

There, he keeps watch on his teenage sons and daughters and of course-the nectar feeders close by.

Yes, hummingbirds are very territorial even with their own children. However, I’ve observed that Big Daddy hummingbird will, at times, allow his children to sit next to him and feed with him on the same feeder.

Is it possible that the Powerful Attributes PrayerFlag has created a positive influence on my dear sweet hummingbird Daddy? Once I find the “right” camera lens,  I’ll be delighted to share a photo of “Daddy Hummer” enjoying his favorite “look out” spot!


Powerful Attributes Prayer Flags

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