Poplar and Purpleheart Yoga Block-Price is per block

Balancing is easy with large wooden yoga blocks. Stability and the natural beauty of poplar and purpleheart wood makes these handcrafted yoga blocks both practical and attractive. Also, makes a great gift for that sweet yogi man or anyone you appreciate oh so much!

Limited Time Special! In appreciation of our happy customers we have taken 15% off our list price of $57.00!

Detail: Handcrafted from poplar and purpleheart woods. Each block is unique and dimensions are approximate. Height 8 1/2 inches, Width 4 3/4 inches, Thickness 3 1/4 inches. The poplar wood on these blocks are fine sanded and very smooth to the touch.   

These blocks were made "without" a hard sealing agent in order to show off the natural beauty of the wood and to make the blocks a bit more environmentally friendly.

Blushing Buddha sells hand crafted blocks individually. Price is per block. Our intention is to give you the freedom to purchase just one block, two or more of the same block, or two or more blocks of various styles.

We usually photograph two blocks at a time to give our clients an opportunity to see the features of each unique handcrafted block.

Please be gentle with your block(s)! The poplar block(s) are large and sturdy. However, poplar is a softer wood and will dent if dropped on a hard surface!

Poplar and Purpleheart Yoga Block-Price is per block

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