Om Treasure Box

A Blushing Buddha favorite! Auspicious red and gold wooden OM box. A blessed item for gift giving and the perfect place to keep your Blushing Buddha treasures!


Metal hinged wooden box. Om symbol design on front cover. Measurements: 2.27" Width x 2.27" Length  x 1.63" Depth. Made with LOVE in Poland.


Blushing Buddha's Sparkle: The Om Treasure Box is a blessed place to keep your favorite Blushing Buddha pendants, bracelets, and yantras. Place a red tea light candle and our Maha Lakshmi pendant in the box to give a special Diwali, Winter Solstice, Chanukah, Christmas, or Valentine's gift. Give the Om Treasure Box  to your sweet yogi man with a lock of your hair, a love poem scroll, and Ganesha Arm Power Yantra!


Limited time special: In appreciation of our happy customers, we have taken 15% off our list price of $15.99

Blushing Buddha's Secret: I enjoy using color and elements intuitively to warm my spirit during the fall and winter season. As the days light wanes and the air cools, I seek warmth in red candles and red stones. Most Bazi practitioners would agree that I'm an extremely strong WOOD. Many practitioners might even say that metal is good for me.

In my humble experience, I can only use a particular quality of metal to balance my wood. Yes, the metal brings luck, but not without a price. Depending on the yearly elements, Fire is usually a much safer way to melt the wood blocks. Fire represents intelligence in my BAZI, however, most often the fire is specifically geared towards spiritual intelligence.

Fire: Agni, homas, pujas by way of fire, and spiritual guidance. Yin Fire =Ding Fire lighting the way. Star gazing is also very helpful. In the depths of a cold water winter the bright stars light my path with faith, warmth, and grace.

Om Treasure Box

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