Om, Lord Ganesha, & Shree Lakshmi Paduka Lanterns

Let your Divine LOVE shine with a set of colorful tea light lanterns!


Keep the flame of the Om, Lord Ganesha, & Shree Lakshmi Paduka within your gaze to inspire pure positive thoughts and feelings.


Allow these pure images to remind you to express your daily bhakti!



Beautiful Handmade Lanterns for Daily Prayer & Diwali!


Detail: Hand painted with traditional Diwali Mendhi inspired designs!

One set of three tea light lanterns: each with wire handles! 

1-Om: Hand tinted Orange jar with Om symbol in gold paint.

1-Lord Ganesha: Hand tinted Amethyst jar with Lord Ganesha in gold paint.

1-Shree Lakshmi Paduka: Hand tinted Magenta jar with Shree Lakshmi Paduka (Footprint) in gold paint.


Approximate Dimensions: 

Diameter- 2.38 inches

Height- 2.75 inches 


Weight: each jar holds approximately 4 ounces


Materials: glass jelly jars, tint, decor paint, wire handles


Handmade with love in the U.S.A. by a talented -Artist.  

Lantern Patterns: Designed exclusively for Blushing Buddha’s shop!


Safety First: Please always first consult your local fire department for safety instructions on burning candles.


Note: Lanterns NOT sold with tea lights. 


Blushing Buddha Shares: 

Inspiration for creating this particular custom set of Lanterns:

Om, Lord Ganesha, and Goddess Lakshmi are often worshipped together-especially on Diwali.

Three symbols appreciated as ONE: Clear path to knowledge, wisdom, spiritual growth, pure positive connection with Divine intelligence, and a healthy steady flow of nourishment (loving family, bhakti-deep sense of appreciation, good food, happy khushi home, an enough wealth to joyfully share with family & community). Shree Lakshmi Paduka /footprints/lotus feet/sandals are considered very auspicious -especially when practicing Shree Lakshmi Puja during Diwali. 


Blushing Buddha’s Diwali Practice: Invite Shree Lakshmi into your home! 

-Bathe in sweet smelling essential oils and rose petals. 

-Give yourself a nourishing manicure and pedicure.

-Draw lucky patterns on your feet or hands with mendhi or non-toxic ink.

-Drink tulsi and rose petal tea with honey.

-Use sand or chalk to create Shree Lakshmi’s footprints leading up to your door. 

-Light sandalwood and rose incense.

-Arrange your set of three lanterns on a platter decorated with roses and carnations. 

-Place a red tea candle in each lantern.

-Light the lanterns. 

-Gaze at the flame within the Om, Lord Ganesha, and Shree Lakshmi Paduka. 

-Meditate on the Divine flame within you. 

-Chant one of your favorite Lord Ganesha mantras. 

-Proceed to chant your favorite Shree Lakshmi mantras.

-Eat your favorite sweets! Speak and feel the words, “Life is sweet and getting sweeter in each moment!”


Blushing Buddha’ Sparkle: Purchase this set of three colorful lanterns and one of our Healing Art Cards to give as a Diwali gift for your loved one! During Diwali, you can also decorate your lanterns display with flowers, our Divine God & Goddess Cards, and a Crystal Shree Yantra from our Divine Yoga Clean & Bright Collection



NOTE: Safety First: Keep cards far away from candle lit lanterns and watch your Diwali display closely until you are ready to extinguish. 

Om, Lord Ganesha, & Shree Lakshmi Paduka Lanterns

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