Om Bubble Ganesha Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha!

Colorful! Comfortable! Powerful!

A Blushing Buddha Exclusive Design! "Pop! Pop! Obstacles Removed!"

Blushing Buddha designed a Green Ganesha to wish you Health and Prosperity! 



Om Bubble Ganesha copyright © 2013 to present. Blushing Buddha all rights reserved: Screen printed on a 100% cotton long sleeve Ladies  T-shirt. typeset runs vertically down the Right Sleeve. Why? Lord Ganesha rules the right arm! Available in White, Lavender, and Raspberry. Size Selections: Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large.

 Instructions: Machine Wash. Using your dryer is fine, but we recommend you hang dry your Om Bubble Ganesha T-shirt to maintain the bright colors.

 Blushing Buddha's Inspiration: Blushing Buddha was blowing bubbles in her garden one sunny day. She watched as the bubbles drifted up towards the sky. Soon after the details for the design idea took seed! Also, Lord Ganesha is one of Blushing Buddha's favorite Hindu Deities! She smiles whenever she sees Lord Ganesha! 

Blushing Buddha's Shares: Many of my ideas are of product of my garden meditations, love of beauty, and humble studies in the art of Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui.

Om Bubble Ganesha: Elements and Symbology: 

Green Ganesha wishes us "Health and Prosperity". Ganesha popping bubbles with his broken tusk symbolizes "removing obstacles" as well as creating space for ideas to collapse into reality.

The Snake symbolizes releasing creativity. The Snake is also prominent in this design to honor the Tai Sui of 2013. The Snake resides in the Southeast which is symbolized by the color green. "Yoga Practice" for students and teachers belongs to the Southeast sector/direction.

The rat ego rewarded with a ruby and gold ring offers the gift of success in all accomplishments! The Om symbol brings the gifts of spiritual realization, peace, health, and bhakti.

 Screen Printer: Our family owned screen printer did a fantastic job printing Om Bubble Ganesha. Screen printing involves quite the process. Much Appreciation to the TEAM for guiding me through the screen printing journey: Quote, Proof, Output, Films, Screen Making, Color Mixing, Watching the First Strike, etc! 

Artist: Our "Work for Hire" artist search brought us to Jorge Garza. He really did a beautiful job working with Blushing Buddha's Design brief to bring Om Bubble Ganesha to LIFE!

Blushing Buddha's Sparkle: Pair your Om Bubble Ganesha T-shirt with our Peacock Yoga Pants! A stylish and comfortable ensemble. These are colors that you can wear from Fall all the way through to Spring Season. You can also wear your Om Bubble Ganesha T-shirt with your favorite jeans and our Om Gum Ganesha Bracelet.




Om Bubble Ganesha Long Sleeve T-Shirt

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