Maha Lakshmi Collier Ras De Cou

Delicate, Trendy, and Energizing! Leave it to Maha Lakshmi to combine Goddess Beauty with Wise Polarity Power! To her devotees, she is all that is good and graceful! Call to Maha Lakshmi to inspire your own unique brand of Generosity and Grace!


Yogini Craft: Wear simply with the black elastic adjustable cord (included), or create your own unique "Collier Ras Cou" using colorful hemp string, beads, or vegan leather. You may also sew onto a colorful Peruvian or Tibetan cloth to bring comfort and cheer to your "Collier Ras Cou". The yogini crafting possibilities are endless!



One Nepalese Seven mukhi natural rudraksha seed bead secured in a silver wire basket. The center of silver wire basket is crafted with an auspicious energy power flow design. The rudraksha seed bead is flanked on both sides with decorative silver plates. Arrives with a long adjustable black elastic cord.

The silver is very light weight and thus more comfortable to wear as a trendy throat chakra choker or "Collier Ras De Cou"! Adjust the cord to the desired length and then simply knot the other side of the pendant.


Blushing Buddha's Secret: My Aunt is a Wise, Generous, Feminine, Powerful, and Protective entity. Auntie is the quintessential Maha Lakshmi: Wife, Mother, Professional, Graceful Gift Giver, and Spiritual Devotee. On rare occasions, she also becomes my Ma Durga: Fierce, Strong, and very protective of her family! Shhhhh! Auntie, your inner Durga is our little secret. Much Bhakti to Auntie!

Maha Lakshmi Collier Ras De Cou

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