Lotus Love Belly Pendant

Crafted in India with love. Invite passion into your 
heart with Blushing Buddha's Lotus Love Belly Pendant!
Wear your Lotus Love Belly Pendant to invite a spiritual
romantic soul mate into your life. Express your desire for
a symbiotic sensual union.

Detail: Adjustable pink silk cord fits around most waists with the 
maximum cord length opening to approximately 52 inches. One Javanese
heart shaped rudraksha thirteen faceted (mukhi) natural seed bead, one
8 mm South Sea cultured pearl, and one sterling silver puffed heart 
combine to make the perfect charm "Faire l'amour"!

Blushing Buddha’s Friday Night New Moon Ritual: 

Fill bath with rose quartz pebbles. Add oils of: sandalwood, orange, jasmine, verbena, and rose.

Add a pinch of Dittany of Crete, Himalayan pink salt, and scented fresh flowers of your choice.

Burn sandalwood, jasmine, or rose incense. Light a magenta candle (wick anointed with rose oil). 

Feel passion and perfect love in your heart. Inside your mind's eye see and smell sweet scented 

pink bubbles as they infuse your heart cave with the vibration of Divine romance. Place your Lotus

Love Belly Pendant near the candle and take your bath. Relax and continue to open your heart to 

passion and LOVE. Wrap your Goddess form in a plush towel. Take the pendant and place it around

your waist. Adjust the silk cord so that the rudraksha bead dangles near your belly button. Then swirl

the incense smoke around the rudraksha and chant 9 times: Om Lakeem Lakeem ________ (the name

of your beloved ) Mum Vashyam Kuru Kuru Swaha. Practice loving yourself completely as you are in

this very moment!

Blushing Buddha's Secret: This belly pendant was designed to attract romantic love. 
The intention of this pendant was confirmed for Blushing Buddha when a honey bee
decided to join the Lotus Love Belly Pendant photo shoot. She smiled at the little 
worker bee enjoying his Lotus Love pollen bath! Hmmm, maybe she should re-name 
the pendant, Cactus Flower Love Belly Pendant. 

Blushing Buddha's Magenta Meditation: Here is her recipe for creating the perfect 
magenta inside the mind's eye. Visualize a pink lotus flower for loving the Goddess within
you, a royal purple silk sari for dignity and boundaries, and a large brilliant star ruby for
passion. Finally, mix all the colors together to form a very powerful Magenta LOVE intention.

Blushing Buddha Shares: Did you and your beloved recently have a hurtful argument? 
Perform the above ritual plus add images of you and your beloved kissing, hugging, and
holding hands inside a large clear bubble. Then fill the bubble with magenta essence. 
Watch the bubble float up and away towards the new moon. Finally take a bite of something
sweet that you enjoy immensely while thinking of your beloved. Use the rest of the evening 
doing something that makes you feel strong and worthy of all the truly Divine experiences
that love has to offer. My wish is that this visualization sends you a happy loving union.

Lotus Love Belly Pendant

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