Lotus Bloom Chakra Ring: Lemon Floral Vine

The lotus in full bloom! The Crown Chakra: Shashara! The dome architecture of the mosque, temple, and cathedral! The geometry of gem faceting is a prime example of mirroring the golden mean! Feel the Spirals of life! Make this ring a symbol of your Wise connection to nature. 

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Details: Available in size 7 1/4

Handmade in the USA! The band is made of textured oxidized sterling silver, Lemon Quartz,round domed shaped cabochon, multifaceted rose cut. Bezel setting.

The tension set shoulders are formed with a decorative bronze floral vine. 

Cabochons- exact caliper size and height may vary slightly with each ring. 

Blushing Buddha's Practice: Gazing into the depths of numerous facets prepares one for crown chakra mediation. Allow this ring to inspire you to visualize the lotus blossom of a thousand petals. Raise your awareness to a new level. Wear this special ring as your personal 3D yantra. Place on your lucky planetary finger.

Visually energize your ring before you meditate. Close your eyes. Visualize bright golden lemon yellow light moving from your root chakra to your crown chakra. See and feel a fountain of golden lemon yellow light flowing from your crown and back into your root chakra.

Keep the energy moving. You are the fountain. When you feel rejuvenated, open your eyes and inhale health and happiness.

Blushing Buddha Shares: We create art everyday; from simple subconscious doodling to high-end museum art pieces!

Regardless of culture or religion, throughout history humankind has demonstrated that we are engineered towards manifesting invisible energy patters visible in the form of art! I've been doodling swirls since I was a kid. I doubt I'm the only one. Wink!

About the Designer:

Brought to you from Bora's Design Studio in New York!

Bora jewelry is timeless! Mediterranean inspired, uniquely decadent designs, and exquisite craftsmanship.

Each ring is signed by the artist: "Bora".

I've had an opportunity to meet the Bora Brothers at trade shows. Both brothers were very kind and patient with me. They always make doing business easy and fun.

Blushing Buddha's Sparkle: Under the influence of sunlight or chandelier lighting this ring creates a rainbow effect.

Blushing Buddha's Secret: Bora's rings are very special to me. I feel as if  I'm wearing: the dome of the Taj Mahal, Hindu 3D crystal yantra, or a fully open white lotus blossom! This design transports me to Buddhist, Hindu, and Islamic temples.

Deep within the rings architecture, lies hidden, the global history of sacred space. All you have to do to uncover it's secrets is peer deeply within the finely rose cut quartz pattern! 

Blushing Buddha's Meditation: Sit in a comfortable position in a natural peaceful outdoor setting. Cleanse and energize your ring by holding it up to the sunlight. Focus your attention on energy waves of beauty !

Visualize your Lotus Bloom Chakra ring as a tool to boost and purify all of your best intentions.

See a wave of pure light or rainbows flow out from the center of the ring. Continue to mediate on the ring while opening to Wisdom, Grace, and Abundance.

Lotus Bloom Chakra Ring: Lemon Floral Vine

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