Lord Ganesha Power Pendant

Lord Ganesha and the magical power of 8 come to life in a beautiful silver crafted pendant and Nepalese rudraksha natural seed bead. Blessed in India during Navratri. Intention: to kiss the devotee with Wisdom & Sweet Success. 

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Ekadantaya Vidmahe

Vakratundaya Dheemahi





One decorative silver Lord Ganesha pendant: Height 33 mm x 31 mm Width. Weight 8.5 grams. Attached to silver pendant: One Nepalese 8 mukhi rudraksha natural seed bead secured in a silver basket. The silver basket is crafted with a most auspicious energy power flow design.

These particular rudraksha were blessed in India during Navratri Festival! Our Lord Ganesha Power Pendant is strung on an adjustable black satin cord. 

Blushing Buddha's Secret: Look closely at the silver pendant and you will see that Lord Ganesha is flanked by two beautiful birds. While Ganesha is often depicted as a bachelor, there are Hindu teachings that speak of Ganesha's two wives Riddhi (knowledge, wisdom, intellectual prowess) and Siddhi (perfection & success).

Learn more about Ganesha and his consorts by researching books and articles about the Ganesha Purana.

Lord Ganesha Power Pendant

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