Lord Ganesha-Arm Power

Arm Power! Wearable unisex yantras! Treasures abound as Lord Ganesha encases sixteen 1 inch yantras blessed & energized in India via homa-fire offering ceremony.

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Yogini Craft: Wear simply with the black adjustable cord (included), or create your own unique arm band using colorful hemp string! Try your hand at creating a beaded or vegan leather cuff. You may also sew inside heavy colorful Peruvian or Tibetan cloth to bring comfort and cheer to your arm band. The yogi crafting possibilities are endless!

Details: Silver kavach: 1x1 inches. 16 1 inch yantras inside kavach. Weight: 28 grams. Weight of silver used in this piece totals: 18 grams. In India this style of kavach is usually worn on the right arm (Lord Ganesha rules the right arm) with Lord Ganesha's head facing the right shoulder and his feet facing the right fingers. The cord comes knotted on one side of the kavach. Adjust the cord to wear securely yet comfortably to your arm and then knot that side as well. 

Intention: Energized to remove obstacles, create a shield of overall protection, and allow healing!

Blushing Buddha's Secret: Also known as the Siddh Mahashakti Kavach; the yantras residing inside Lord Ganesha are: Lord Ganesha, Ram Raksha, Mahamrityunjaya, Sudarshan, Brahma, Krishna, Hanuman, Shiva, Kalilash DhanRhaksha, Moon, Guru, Mangal, Ketu, Surya, Bhumi, and Kartikeya.

While this yantra is unisex, Blushing Buddha considers this a blessed gift of power and protection for your yogi man. Lord Ganesha's arm power will look as strong on your sweetie as the arm yantras look on the biceps of epic film Bollywood hotties!

Blushing Buddha's Shares: I've experienced the most intense energy boost with our wearable arm power yantras. I can focus longer on my yoga practice while wearing our 16 yantra arm power. I have increased balance and strength when I wear Lord Ganesha, Goddess Lakshmi, or Goddess Durga arm power. My flexibility is my gift. Thus, a well rounded practice for my private practice translates into increasing both strength and balance. It's my wish that you can feel the blessed energy of the fire offering. May these 16 yantras create space and power in your private yoga practice.

Blushing Buddha's Sparkle: Girl Power! Twist your hair into a ball and pin to the back or top of your head. Thread the black elastic cord through the bun and tie a knot on the other side of the kavach so that Lord Ganesha is right side up facing behind you. The idea here is promoting 360 degrees of awareness, protection from behind, or "eyes in the back of your head"! Another powerful way to experience this yantra is to wear strapped to the right arm of our Om Bubble Ganesha long sleeve t-shirt.

Lord Ganesha-Arm Power

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