Kanakdhara Lakshmi Yantra

Raise your arms and open your hands to receive! It's time to invite a Golden era of Wealth into your home. 

Legend tells us that Shri Shankaracharya invoked the powers of the Kanakdhara Lakshmi yantra to open up the heavens and create a shower of Golden orbs. The Kanakdhara Lakshmi yantra is considered one of the most effective of all yantras to amass extreme wealth.

A pleasant surprise! This yantra is intended to deliver wealth from several new and/or unexpected resources. 

Detail: 2x2 inches square, copper yantra, plated with 24 carat gold. All of our yantras are blessed and energized in India. The superfine etching makes each yantra an intricate work of art.

Vastu Shastra: Place the yantra in your North Palace facing East on a Wednesday when the moon is waxing. You may consult your preferred method of astrology for an exact auspicious date. For example: You may want to start japa mantra a Wednesday, when you have a long-term trine with Mercury & Venus in a money house. 

NOTE: If there is a strong wealth Jupiter transit entering, then you may want to research the alternative of establishing the yantra  on a Thursday.

If you do not want to affix the yantra to your wall, then keep the yantra in a red cloth in your North Palace or worship/meditation/japa area. Take out the yantra for daily japa and then place it back within the red cloth. Give your yantra a permanent home in the North Palace once you complete a series of days or months of performing japa.


Om Hreem Sahastravadane Kanakeshwari Sheeghram Avatar Aagachh Om Phat Swaha

Om Vam Shreem Vam Ayeim Hreem Shreem Kleem Kanakdhaaraayei Namah

Blushing Buddha's Sparkle: You are the Yantra. You are the mantra. The elements of Earth, Water, Fire, &  Air are within you. Place your elemental matrix into the yantra through daily japa and allow the energy matrix of the yantra absorb into all your chakras. Take some time to meditate. Then visualize and feel a shower of gold coins over your home. There are 16 types of wealth boons associated with this yantra. Free yourself to become the observer and allow your Divine mind's eye to create wealth with big strokes and a varied palette.

Most wealth yantras including the Kanakdhara Lakshmi yantra can be affixed to the interior door of a "private" lock & key home mailbox. The intention of the mailbox practice is to reduce bills and bring in unexpected wealth through checks. Also, you will see and activate the yantra with sunlight every time you open your mailbox to check your mail. 

Blushing Buddha's Practice: Start by visualizing a double rainbow over your home. See a string of pots of gold coins sitting over the top rainbow. Watch the pots tilt forward to release a shower of gold. Feel a child like state of wonder as you find and collect gold coins underneath the carpet, in the bathtub, underneath bushes, behind the refrigerator, and lodged between tree branches.

Smile and have fun with where the visualization takes you. Select a day during your japa month to rummage through your home for hidden treasure. You never know what you will find! Use this practice to clear out books, clothes, and  jewelry that you would like to share or donate.

Blushing Buddha's Secret: Blushing Buddha plans to start her japa for the Kanakdhara Lakshmi yantra according to dates in the Buddhist calendar. The Buddhist calender highlights dates when positive karma is multiplied by 100, 10 thousand, and 10 million. The North Palace and East direction also activates her Chinese love Gods. The East direction is her wealth direction according to Chinese astrology methods of directionology. Also, the East has an auspicious placement at the time of this writing. Why all the concern with timing?

The Blushing Buddha sometimes has more fun and better results with spontaneous intuitive japa practice. However, this month the calender and her intuition line up. Maybe she will eat fruit on the first day of japa to remind her that the Fruit is in the Practice!

Kanakdhara Lakshmi Yantra

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