Kailash Dhanraksha Yantra

Invoke the geometric energy patterns of the Kailash Dhanraksha yantra to be your SHIELD.

Place inside any box that holds deeds, wills, trusts, cash, jewels, etc. Place the yantra in your pocket or purse on days you are traveling. You may also use this yantra to divert negative energies in your 7 or 5 annual flying star palace. 

Symbols etched into this yantra design include:

1. Om

2. Shub labh: Ganesh and Lakshmi combined & represented by a protective energy matrix for wealth in two-forms: Wisdom and Finances.

3. Lord Shiva

4. Trident/Trishul

5. Lakshmi Yantra

6. Wheel of Twelve Chinese Animals:  Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig.

7. Eight I Ching hexagrams

8. Numerology Square representing 1, 5, 0, = Lucky 15 also known as: "The Magician" .

Detail: 2x2 inches square, copper yantra plated with 24 carat gold. All of our yantras are blessed and energized in India. The superfine etching makes each yantra an intricate work of art. Many of our yantras have a corresponding Deity etched on the back.

Vastu Shastra:

If you keep your valuables in the North you may place the yantra on an East Wall in your North palace. Thus, you will always be facing East during your japa mantra practice. Otherwise, keep the yantra in your safe box in the North Palace.


Om Kleem Harviraya Bhu Shankar Shankar Lakshmi Kuru Kuru Swaha.

History: The roots of this yantra design stem from a circular metal pendant created well over a thousand years ago atop Mount Kailash. Vedic and Tibetan sacred texts tell of a group comprised of six Lamas and six Indian rishis who energized the pendant with Twelve sacred mantras over a Twelve year period. Each of the animals on the original pendant represent a corresponding mantra. Get inspired before you recite the suggested mantras to the Kailash yantra. Go to sacredgates.com and view breath taking photographs and digital art of Mount Kailash!

Blushing Buddha's Sparkle: Protect any project (artwork, inventions, poetry, and music) that you hope to publish, trademark, or debut, by placing the information/images on discs. Then place the discs and the Kailash Dhanraksha yantra in a box or safe. You can also protect your greatest aspirations by creating a photo montage, saving it to disc, and placing it into a special box with the yantra. 

Blushing Buddha's Practice: Please don't start this practice if you are in an extreme state of Fear. Start the practice by first taking a few weeks to jump start a routine of yoga stretches, mediation hour, and healthy eating habits. When you are ready, contemplate your fears without judgment. Eventually, you will feel a shift from Fear to Hope. Create your own heart felt prayer and speak that prayer out loud towards the yantra. An astrologer once gave me a very simple yet very helpful prayer. If you have difficulty creating a prayer, try the following: "Peace for me, Peace for my household, and Peace for all that is with me". Every night before you fall asleep call on the Divine for protection. Then proceed to place your image, your home, and property line in a protective bubble. Gaze at the yantra while facing East and talk to the Divine about what you need to feel protected until you feel confident about your safety. Finally, place the yantra on your night table. Be sure to take notes in the morning if you have any impressions on steps you can take to feel more secure. As your confidence increases so will the Shield of protection. 

Blushing Buddha's Secret: While she was writing the text on the Kailash Dhanraksha yantra she came across a mantra associated with the Avipsothas. There are Goddesses called Aviposthas who protect the Sanskrit language and as such protect the sounds which invoke all Divine Beings. Some Feng Shui masters predict that the nagas will be a  powerful force in Snake year 2013. Traditionally naga practices are done near water. Blushing Buddha's naga offerings are made to the West compost bin, humming bird feeders, and garden  fountain. Her instincts tell her that 2013 is a particularly good year to read the Lotus Sutra outdoors. 


Shanti Shakti Shambu: PEACE POWER PLENTY

Kailash Dhanraksha Yantra

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