Jai Mata Durga Pendant

Blushing Buddha's Jai Mata Durga pendant is crafted in India with love. This rare silver kavach of seeds and herbs is blessed with pujas in India during Navratri Festival. A nine faceted (mukhi) rudraksha natural seed bead has been suspended from the kavach to increase the polarity balancing power of this design. 

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Navratri festival celebrates the nine incarnations of the Goddess Durga.

Who in your life has played the role of Goddess Durga? Who has protected you from harm when you were not prepared to defend yourself? 

Who brought out the Goddess Durga in you when it was your turn to fearlessly defend a friend, family member, or stranger?

How do you celebrate the internal battles fought and won in your mind?

Gift the Jai Mata Durga Pendant to someone who has victoriously protected you many times or purchase it for yourself to commemorate the powerful fierce Goddess Durga inside you.

Detail: One, nine faceted, rudraksha natural seed bead is enclosed in a silver basket. The pattern of the silver detail work is intended to magnify the energy of the yogini. The silver kavach encapsulates seeds and herbs blessed during Navratri Festival.

The Vedic Power of 9

Deity: Goddess Durga is invoked in many forms in order to ultimately gain victory over the MIND! Goddess Durga gives the gift of internal victory. Durga means fort, invincible, inaccessible, or "You can't touch this"! Durga is Wonder Woman, female dynamism, and pure Shakti! She emerges from the formless and is inseparable as both form and formless.

Jyotish:  In India nine faceted rudraksha beads are often used to enhance the blessings of Maha Durga. Visualize Goddess Durga proclaiming supreme victory over the challenges of Rahu. For chakra balancing: adjust the black silk cord so that the pendant hangs at upper chest level. 

Blushing Buddha's Practice: Take a candlelight bath infused with one drop each of the essential oils of sandalwood, jasmine, and geranium. Then add a large handful of Himalayan salt and a few slices of fresh lemon. Immediately after your bath, gaze into the bathroom mirror until you feel the strength of Durga inside you. Energize your Jai Mata Durga pendant in your Center palace while facing North-east. Place the pendant in the center of nine tea-light candles. Hit play on your ipod or cd player and sing along to your favorite Durga stotram.

Health: Nine faceted rudraksha beads are used in India to overcome deep fears, addictions, and ensure ultimate mental health. 

Blushing Buddha's Mantra Practice: Before you start, find your favorite image of Goddess Durga. Then sit and contemplate Goddess Durga until you feel at one with her. Remember that Goddess Durga has the power to ignite your spirit when your moon eclipses your sun. If  you are feeling hateful, unloved, and downright pessimistic; send Durga into battle for you. Let her clear the battlefield of your inner demons and thus create space for happiness and a peaceful mind. Think of her as the Eternal Mother who destroys lower thought patterns. See her as Lighting! She is the Divine intervention that strikes fiercely into your soul. When you are ready chant the following 9 , 18, 90, 108, or 180 times. Otherwise, chant free-style until you feel truly "victorious"!

Jai mata Kali

Jai mata Durgay



Namo Namah

Blushing Buddha's Secret: The Blushing Buddha blushed because she didn't prepare her Vastu in time for the first night of Navratri. Why? She forgot to look at her calender and so the exact date of the festival completely slipped her mind. Here's what's interesting. She started wearing her Jai Mata Durga pendant approximately nine days before Navratri.

On the first evening of Navratri, four women commented on the pendant. The Blushing Buddha realized that she had worn the pendant in front of these same women many times, but they had not once commented on the pendant. Why this evening? "Ahhhh, it must be Navratri"! 

Blushing Buddha's Mediation Recipe: Sit in easy pose and  practice 3-6 minutes of nadi shodhma. Proceed to meditate upon Durga's various weapons and how they reflect, with Divine precision, how to navigate wisely within the harmonious flow of the universe.

Choose one weapon in Ma Durga's name and make it your special tool for clearing the way to spiritual growth. Example: if you love to garden then take Durga's battle axe and visualize yourself clearing the garden of weeds.

Watch vegetables and flowers grow fertile and strong in the new space that you have cleared. This is your own customized meditation. Have fun exploring various visualizations. When you are done, stretch your legs and arms. Inhale deeply. Create the sound ha-ah with your exhale.

Blushing Buddha Shares: My Bazi chart shows that I do not have metal. I've made it my practice to borrow this element for balance and luck in the Fall season or anytime I notice metal in a year, month, or day.

The first night of Navratri in 2012 was a Fu Yin on the month and day (Yang Metal Dog). My almanac depicts yang metal energy as an axe. Yay! I received a double dose of Metal energy.

Lighting struck my soul just as Durga was born from lighting. October 16th was a powerful and invigorating spiritual day. I'm grateful for Durga the beautiful bewitching Goddess who lights the lotus of my seven centers of awareness. My practice is offering Maa Durga my fears. She dissolves my worries. I expect Ultimate Victory = Clarity!

Jai Mata Durga Pendant

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