Hatha Yogini Bhakti Bracelet

Blushing Buddha's Hatha Yogini Bhakti Bracelet is crafted in India with love using rudraksha, two faceted (mukhi), natural seed beads. 

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Designed for our yoginis specifically to encourage bhakti in familial and personal relationships.

In India, two faceted, rudraksha are traditionally given to young couples to promote a strong Divine happy marital union. Also, an enchanting yet practical balancing gift for expecting mothers.

We invite you to wear this bracelet in the spirit of good health and unconditional love.

Available in Three styles:

Style 1: A combination of four 8 mm and eight 4 mm cultured pearls. Attached is a charming sterling silver sun charm wrapped in a crescent moon. Represents: Shiva/Shakti.

Style 2: Twelve 4 mm cultured pearls. Attached is a sterling silver sun charm wrapped in a crescent moon. Represents: Shiva/Shakti.

Style 3: Twelve 4 mm cultured pearls. Attached is a sterling silver sun charm with OM symbol at center. Represents: Shiva/Shakti.

Detail: All three styles have total of five rudraksha (two mukhi) natural seed beads and cultured pearls strung on strong thread with silver caps and spacers. We added a dangling sterling charm to symbolize the balance between male and female, silver and gold, and head and heart.

Size: Measures 7 1/2 - 8 1/4 inches. Example: If you have a seven inch wrist: secure clasp on the first jump ring.  

Vedic Power of 2 : Dwi Mukhi Rudraksha Bead

Deity: Ardhanareeshwara (a joint image of both Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvarti/Shakti) blesses the yogini with unity and peace of mind.

Jyotish: In India rudraksha, two faceted (mukhi), beads are worn to diminish astrological issues with the planet moon. The intention of 2 equals pacifying anger and equalizing emotional behaviors. It is suggested yoginis wear this bracelet on their right wrist for emotional balance and clarity when communicating thoughts and feelings to loved ones.

Vastu Shastra: Energize your Hatha Yogini Bhakti Bracelet in your NW Palace. You may also take the bracelet outside under a new or full moon to receive moonlight. The following day take your bracelet outside and let the East rising sun illuminate your sun charm.

Health: Two faceted rudraksha beads are used in India to overcome mental/emotional imbalances as well as health issues related to bodily fluids and the lung.


If you are feeling overly emotional chant : Om Namo Bhagavate Vasu Devaya Namaha

If  your Sun energies are out of balance chant: Om Namo Bhagavate Rama Chandraya Namaha

NOTE: Mantras can be sung anytime. However, Mondays are considered best for Moon mantras. Sundays are considered best for sun mantras.

Blushing Buddha's Sparkle: Browse our Magical Creatures of Good Fortune Greeting cards to find that perfect match when presenting our Hatha Yogini Bhakti bracelet to a loved one. Click to see why the Amorous Crane Twosome card is a Blushing Buddha favorite for attracting romance and marriage.

Blushing Buddha's Secret: Why is the Blushing Buddha "blushing"? At times, the Blushing Buddha throws a bit of a temper tantrum when she feels her romantic relationship is NOT  "romantic enough". She dons her Hatha Yogini Bhakti bracelet to calm her emotions. The power of two gives her the space and time she needs to refrain from reacting hastily. Instead of ruffling his feathers, she plays creatively with her Beloved's image in photo-shop. I've noticed her blushing the sweetest shade of pink as she adds a red dress, lipstick, and pearls to her Beloved's image. Naughty Naughty Buddha! Hmmmm, maybe she felt her Beloved needed a smidgen of moon energy as well? 

Blushing Buddha's Meditation Recipe: Start your meditation under the evening sky of a new crescent moon. Notice how you feel. Ask the moon to bless you with balance. Find a comfortable seated pose and proceed to practice nadi shodhama until you feel balanced and energized. Thank the moon for the gift of harmony. Turn up the corners of your happy mouth to create a big moon-face smile. Namaste!

Blushing Buddha Shares: Many spiritual teachers believe our souls want to go beyond this cycle of karma. When we invite the blessings of Ardhanareeshwara, we are also inviting the energy responsible for transformation. Practice experiencing  Shiva and Shakti as "One". Allow the sun and moon energies of the bracelet to remind you that both light and dark reside in each of us. We are all blessed with the power to overcome all karmas. Yoga or union with the Divine, facilitates realization and allows us to develop the  power to raise consciousness beyond the veil of maya. Ultimately, we return to our true home: Divine source.

Hatha Yogini Bhakti Bracelet

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