Hand Crafted Yoga Blocks: Price is per block!

Blushing Buddha presents yoga blocks hand crafted by "Yogi Johnny". 


Please note that while our product images depict sets of two identical blocks Blushing Buddha sells Johnny's hand crafted blocks individually and NOT per set. Our intention is to give you the freedom to purchase just one block, two or more of the same block, or two or more blocks of various styles.

Detail: Johnny's blocks are made of various woods. There are two types of  yoga blocks that are currently availible. One style is made from premium pine with a purple heart stripe and the second style is made from curly redwood. Weights vary depending on the woods used to craft a particular block. Dimensions: approximately 8 1/4 inches Height x  5 inches Width x 3 inches Depth. The amount of layers and thickness of each "type of wood" used to craft a block varies. Each block is unique. 

Please be gentle with your blocks! These blocks will dent if dropped on a hard surface!

Yoga Block Designs:

*Premium Pine & Purple Heart Stripe: This design is crafted from "various woods"! Premium Pine front and back (pine core). Each block has ONE vertical inlay of rich Purple Heart Wood. 

*CurlyRedwood: Rustic masculine grain. Core is made out of pine. Each block grain is very unique and may not exactly match our chosen product image.

Blushing Buddha Shares: I met Johnny while enrolled in a Yoga Philosophy class. He's a very compassionate yogi both Wise and talented. My students and I  have successfully used Johnny's unique blocks as yoga props during yoga class. I'm very happy that Johnny was able to combine his love for yoga and his wood crafting talent to create a practical and handsome yogic treasure for the Blushing Buddha shop.

Please visit Blushing Buddha's "Artist Bios" page to learn about Yogi Johnny !

Hand Crafted Yoga Blocks: Price is per block!

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