Goddess Durga Victory Bracelet

Blushing Buddha's Goddess Durga Victory bracelet is crafted in India with love using rudraksha seven faceted (mukhi) natural seed beads. We designed this bracelet to invite wealth & recognition through unveiling the blessed virtue within. A helpful gift for yoginis who are strengthening trust in their exceptional abilities.

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Detail: 7 1/4-8 1/4 inches (depending on which ring the bracelet is clasped). Our Goddess Durga Victory bracelet consists of a circuit of 9 rudraksha seven faceted (mukhi) natural seed beads. There are ten beads total including one dangling nine faceted rudraksha bead. All ten beads are embellished with silver caps. A fierce silver charm of Goddess Durga dangles from the bracelet reminding the wearer of the power of Durga.

Vedic Power of 7 & 9

Deity: Maha Durga's gift is uncompromising perseverance.

Jyotish: In India nine faceted rudraksha beads are often used to enhance the blessings of Maha Durga. Visualize Goddess Durga proclaiming supreme victory over the challenges of Rahu. It's suggested that yoginis wear this bracelet on their left wrist for both strength and protection.

Vastu Shastra: Energize your Goddess Durga Victory bracelet while facing North, East, or North-east.

Health: Nine faceted Rudraksha beads are used in India to overcome deep fears, addictions, and ensure ultimate mental health.

Mantra: Om Shri Durgay Namaha

Blushing Buddha's Secret: She associates the shape of the nine faceted (mukhi) rudraksha bead with French Heirloom Cinderella pumpkins. She enjoys combining the power of Goddess Durga with the image and spirit of a magical fairy godmother. Blushing Buddha energizes her Goddess Durga Victory bracelet on a bright red desk in the South palace of her home. The sun from her South window shines brightly on a Goddess Durga yantra affixed to the North facing wall above her desk.

Blushing Buddha's Meditation Recipes:

1. For mental health: Sit in your Center palace facing East. Use your right thumb and index finger to anoint the dangling rudraksha nine faceted bead with sandalwood paste. Inhale bright golden light. Exhale black smoke. Continue until you feel your spirit lift. Smile! Finish by rolling your body over your yoga mat or carpet until you unleash loud obnoxious giggles.

2. For recognition in your career and wealth: Sit in your South palace facing North. Use your right thumb and index finger to anoint the dangling rudraksha nine faceted bead with sandalwood paste. Visualize the power of Goddess Durga coming alive inside you. Sing, "Om Shri Durgay Namaha". Proceed to see Saraswati flowing golden light towards you. Open your mouth and allow the golden light to dance on the tip of your tongue. Swallow the light and allow it to dance inside your throat. Sing, "Om Shree Saraswati Namaha (pause) Swaha".

3. For perseverance and favor regarding corporate management, legal issues, government assistance,  and a happy bank account: Sit in your South palace facing NE and chant nine times: "Jai Mata Kali Jai Mata Durgay Kali Durgay Namo Namah". Proceed to anoint the rudraksha seven faceted beads on your bracelet. Visualize Goddess Lakshmi in the North-east showering you with gold coins. Chant: Om Shree Maha Lakshmi Namaha (pause) Swaha!

4. To alleviate any doubts about your Divine abilities: Select a place in your home where you feel strong. Sit comfortably in easy pose and state, "Tat Tvam Asi". Proceed to state with confidence, "I am that". Keep practicing the mantra until you feel strong and centered.

Blushing Buddha Shares: My most powerful experiences with Goddess Durga are rooted in mantra. I enjoy singing mantras while cooking, showering, cleaning, and gardening. There are a number of ways to immerse yourself further into mantra, including:reading books on mantras, listening to various mantras on youtube, attending Kirtans at your local yoga studio, and purchasing mantra down loads and cd's. 

Blushing Buddha's Sparkle: Creative heart felt gift giving is a great way to express your Bhakti for someone speical. Try pairing our powerful and unique Goddess Durga bracelet with a colorful handcrafted Goddess Durga card.

Goddess Durga Victory Bracelet

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