Goddess Circe Shell Ring

The awe inspiring power of the Ocean is at your fingertips. A Goddess born from both Sun and Sea. Behold Circe the Enchantress. Meditate on her strength and "creative" use of magic while focusing on the natural swirl formation of the conch shell. 

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Detail: Our Goddess Circe shell rings are hand carved from natural conch shell by fair trade Indonesian artists. We send much gratitude to our supplier for their sustainable efforts. 

 NOTE: All ring sizes are approximate. Exactly how snugly each ring fits depends on the natural configuration of the shell, the uniqueness of each carving, and the size and shape of your fingers. 


Blushing Buddha's Sparkle: Our Feng shui for Career card makes a nice addition when gifting our Goddess Circe Shell ring. The card is hand crafted by healing artist Angel and is designed to bring luck with one's career. Seashells are often used in Feng Shui to promote career luck. You may want to tie raffia around both the ring and the card for a finishing touch.


Blushing Buddha's Shares: I originally purchased my first conch shell ring while visiting my favorite Island. Sanibel Island, Florida has to date one of the cleanest and nature rich beaches in the US.  A great place for walking meditations and discovering a plethora of colorful shells. Many visitors have interesting stories to share about their unique encounters with exquisite creatures of both land and sea.


Blushing Buddha's Secret: Born of a Greek Island blood line, the Blushing Buddha took a fancy to studying Greek mythology and literature in her youth. She was particularly fascinated by the siren qualities of Circe. I'm confident that her attraction to the Goddess had absolutely nothing to do with Circe's power to turn Odysseus and his companions into PIGS. Wink! Most literature focuses on Circe's treachery. Blushing Buddha's favor with Goddess Circe reminds her to stay open to the best qualities in all creatures including what or whom, may at first appear, quite "beastly"!

Goddess Circe Shell Ring

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