Gentle Strength Prayer Mala

A Blushing Buddha favorite. Made with Love in India. Keep by your side for cleansing, meditation, and prayer.

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Detail: A total of 27 large (24 mm) 5 faceted (mukhi) rudraksha natural seed beads with red wool spacers and multi-faceted 13 mm clear quartz crystals. Measures 36 inches. One large multi-faceted clear quartz Guru bead assists yogis and yoginis in keeping track of their mantra repetitions.

Vedic Power of 5: Pancha Mukhi

Deity: Shiva blesses the yogi and yogini with laser sharp focus and continuous concentration. 

Jyotish: Especially recommended for balancing Jupiter in the natal chart or for softening the effects of a challenging Jupiter transit.

Vastu Shastra: Energize your Gentle Strength Prayer Mala in your Center Palace.

Health: Five faceted (mukhi) rudraksha natural seed beads are used in India to strengthen memory as well as balance and regulate: Liver, gallbladder, diabetes, and blood pressure. Our bodies naturally release more toxins while we sleep. If you wake up feeling tired, then try sleeping with your Gentle Strength Prayer Mala. 

Mantras: Chant your mantras out loud allowing the crystals in your mala to absorb the vibration of your unique "Divine" voice.

To promote confidence, health, and long life.

Om tryambakam yajamahe

Sugandhim pushti vardhnam

Urvarukmiv Bandhnan

Mrityormokshiya mamrataat

For balancing Jupiter: 

Om Namo Bhagavate Vamana Devaya Namaha

Blushing Buddha's Mediation: Place the Gentle Strength Prayer Mala around your neck. Sit in a comfortable position in your Center palace. Rub your hands together briskly to create warmth.

Proceed to massage the base of your spine until you feel a stirring of energy. Allow thoughts and emotions to emerge without labeling them. Visualize milky white energy transporting your thoughts and emotions upward into your throat chakra.

Breathe deeply and stay alert. Speak out loud: "Amrit Hala Hala Om Namah Shivaya". Focus on a small blue gem forming inside the white energy in your throat chakra. See the blue jewel growing larger as it absorbs the white energy substance.

Finish the transformation by allowing the blue jewel to emanate bright blue light inside your throat chakra. Watch through your mind's eye as the blue energy gently changes your skin color to a vibrant blue. Shine in your awareness. When you're ready, end the meditation by thanking Shiva for your lesson in transformation through steady awareness. "Om Namah Shivaya!"

Blushing Buddha's Secret: She energizes her Gentle Strength Prayer Mala on a shiva lingam stone in her Center palace. The Gentle Strength Prayer Mala was named after a grocery coop where the Blushing Buddha shopped daily for fresh food. Finding the coop marked a very special spiritual segment along her journey. 

Blushing Buddha Shares: The Gentle Strength Prayer Mala consistently teaches me the power of community and diversity. Each time I wear this mala in public, I'm greeted with sparkling smiles and enthusiastic inquiries as to the origins of the mala. The mala helps remind me that I'm connected. Also, I like to hold the Gentle Strength Prayer Mala during contemplation of  various subjects. New students may want to hold this mala during contemplation of the  five Yamas and  Nahayamas and the "you"  in "Guru" or Uptna Guru.

Blushing Buddha's Sparkle: Our Mrityunjaya yantra and Healing Buddha greeting card both make terrific gifts to pair with our Gentle Strength Prayer Mala. Our Lord Shiva Card is a Blushing Buddha favorite for gifting along with this blessed unique mala.

Gentle Strength Prayer Mala

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