Four Harmonious Friends Prayer Flags

Equality! Friendship! Peace! Cooperation! What is it like to see oneself in another's eyes? Do you recognize the Divine seed of Strength and Spirit within flower, friend, and beast?

May contemplation of the images of the Four Harmonious Friends illuminate your heart cave and brighten your days with friendship, peace and wisdom. The beauty of symbiotic relationships are seen in nature. When we allow friendship in our lives we mirror the wonders of mother nature's "Divine" harmony.

Gift Ideas:  Are you involved in a community garden project? Hang the Four Harmonious Friends prayer flags in the entrance or center of the community garden. Gift the Four Harmonious Friends prayer flags to your local fresh food coop or hang in the center of your sustainable living "hood". Use the flags to bring special meaning to family reunions, small gatherings, and community centers that protect and endorse positive change. 


10 screen printed 100% cotton flags. Colors:  blue, white, red, green, and yellow. Each flag is hemmed by hand. Inks: black ink on yellow and white flags, white ink on blue and green flags, and gold ink on red flag. 

Images: Elephant, Monkey, Rabbit, Bird, and Tree.

Sizing: Each Square design is  12 x 9 inches. Rope: 10 feet long.

Blessed Words of Intention/Prayer appear on each flag: "May harmony, love, peace and friendship prevail."

Blushing Buddha's Practice: Light calming incense. Sit comfortably in easy pose holding the Four Harmonious Friends prayer flags in your lap. Center and ground with deep belly breathing.

Visualize a scene where people are joyously working together in harmony. You may bring a fond memory of a cooperative project back to life or create a scene from your imagination. Keep breathing deeply. Breathe LOVE deeply into each and every cell of your being. Now, gently shift your focus to the images of the four friends.

See yourself as a smiling monkey riding the elephant with all your friends. Feel the connection with elephant, rabbit, and bird. Fill your heart with gratitude for the companionship and cooperation your friends have shared with you.

Gaze up at the strong beautiful tree and give thanks to the tree for protecting you and your friends from the elements and for providing a bounty of food. Open your eyes and stretch your legs out straight. Take ahold of the prayer flags and reach your hands up to the sky. Smile! Call your friends and make a date to hang the flags where all can enjoy!


Blushing Buddha Shares: I've been lucky enough to witness a diverse group of people who worked together to bring fresh food, classes, and events to their local community. Each volunteer shared their particular strengths and talents to protect and enhance the community. As a result, all of us enjoyed the fruits of their labor. It was particularly inspiring to watch the elders and youngsters teach and respect one another. My lesson was to tone down my excitement long enough to really focus and listen to what people were trying to teach me. 


Blushing Buddha's Sparkle: Call up a few of your closest friends and set aside several weekends to plant fruit trees in each others gardens. Have each friend order a Four Harmonious Friends prayer flag. Contact each other over the next few months to share gardening tips on keeping your fruit trees happy and healthy. When the weather is pleasant, plan a day that each of you will bake a fruit pie. Enjoy eating the pies together while exchanging pie recipe cards and pictures of the fruit trees. Finally, pick a morning to travel to each other's gardens and install the matching flags. Later that evening, return to each other's gardens to light incense and hand crafted garden luminaries. Hold hands and pray that Bhakti and Love will always bring you together.


NOTE: If you planted the trees in early fall it might be fun to wait for Diwali week to return to each other's gardens with the prayer flags. On the week leading up to Diwali, get together and make hand crafted luminaries and hurricane candles. Travel to each other's houses and light the luminaries and candles. Hold hands in gratitude and enjoy the warmth of lights as a symbol of the warmth of your friendship.

Four Harmonious Friends Prayer Flags

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