Five Lucky Bats: Healing Art Card

The Five Lucky Bats bring Good Fortune in all forms: Health, Long Life, Love, and Wealth. The Fook character in the center further empowers this Feng Shui design with ultimate happiness and prosperity. 

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A perfect card to give for Chinese New Year, or to a friend celebrating a new business or home. Also a great gift to cheer-up someone who has confided in you that they feel a bit down on their luck.

Blushing Buddha presents Impressionist Feng Shui Art Cards handcrafted by healing artist Angel. Send to friends, family, and loved ones to express your Bhakti and open up the door to healing through art and the written word. Each card opens to reveal an empty space giving you the ultimate opportunity to personally express your deepest blessings.

Detail: Most cards are approximately 4.5 x 6 inches. Each card is printed from Angel’s original artwork and are hand embellished with glitter and/or bling. A plain white envelope in included with each card. Angel uses various paper colors to matte her art images. For example if you order the "Magical Peacock" card you will receive that exact art image. However,  the background color may not match the exact color as displayed on our web-store image.

Blushing Buddha's Practice: For extra luck mount the Five Lucky Bats the inner front door entrance to your home or business. You may also want to place the Five Lucky Bats card near your credit card machine, cash register, phone, or desk. 

Heaven Luck: Place the card in your NW palace or in the palace that hosts the annual 6 flying star.

Wealth & Money Luck: Place the card in your SE palace or on a SE wall. Otherwise, place the card in the palace that hosts the annual 8 flying star.

 Blushing Buddha's Sparkle: Purchase our Maha Lakshmi Luck Pendant for wealth and place both the Lucky Five Bats card and pendant in a bright red box tied with a gold bow. Chant the Maha Lakshmi mantra while you wrap to increase the wealth intention of your gifts.  


Blushing Buddha's Secret: She planted a lush red & purple flowering ground cover named Bat Face in the SE palace of her garden without considering the Feng Shui wealth interpretation. Cuphea IIavea (Bat Face) happens to be a hummingbird flower. Blushing Buddha planted Bat Face for her sweet hummers and other birds who enjoy picking at the spent flowers to gobble up the tiny seeds. The microclimate in the SE garden retains water and presents diffused light which has allowed the shrubby ground cover to multiply over the past four years. Check your nurseries or online for seeds or transplants to plant in your garden's wealth palace. When the flower is completely open it truly resembles a bat.

All of Angel’s images are copyrighted. As per Angel's wishes, we have placed the © symbol on all of the scans we made and uploaded of Angel's artwork to represent © Agnes Krumins copyright from 2010 to present! Please visit Blushing Buddha's "Artist Bios" to learn more about Angel.





Five Lucky Bats: Healing Art Card

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