Feng Shui For Fame: Healing Art Card

This vibrant art card was created by Angel to aid you in inviting fame luck into your life. The reds, golds, and double triangle empower this Feng Shui design to open the door to positive recognition. 

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A perfect card to give aspiring artists. Also a great gift for someone who has confided in you that they have been waiting a long time for their day in the Sun! For extra luck place the card in your work area, South palace, or on a South facing wall.

Blushing Buddha presents Impressionist Feng Shui Art Cards handcrafted by healing artist Angel. Send to friends, family, and loved ones to express your Bhakti and open up the door to healing through art and the written word. Each card opens to reveal an empty space giving you the ultimate opportunity to personally express your deepest blessings.

Detail: Most cards are approximately 4.5 x 6 inches. Each card is printed from Angel’s original artwork and are hand embellished with glitter and/or bling. A plain white envelope in included with each card. Angel uses various paper colors to matte her art images. For example, if you order the "Magical Peacock" card you will receive that exact art image. However, the background color may not match the exact color as displayed on our web-store image.

 Blushing Buddha's Practice: Place a red candle inside a red lantern. Travel to your backyard, secret courtyard or any quiet place where you can see an open starry sky. Sit comfortably and hold the card near the lantern while you contemplate clearly the type of fame you want to attract. 

Proceed to produce a happy emotion in your body. Imagine all your chakras spinning with a big smiley face in the center. When you are ready, raise your arms up towards the stars.

See red and orange flames or energy waves being sent through your fingers to the stars and beyond. Say out loud, "As above so below". Thank the stars for accepting your wish and then continue to contemplate the type of fame that you desire.  Does fame require of you one subtle shift, a string of small adjustments, or a major earthquake? Please prepare Wisely!

Blushing Buddha's Secret: She has gazed at the double triangle/hour glass design in yantras and in association with the mystical Hellenistic Egyptian Divine figure Hermes Trismegistus. Hermes Trismegistus is known for the teaching, "As above so below". A translation of the Emerald Tablet is hidden in her garage. Humorous, as the Hermetic maxim can be translated to mean "hidden truth".

Blushing Buddha's Sparkle: Pair your Feng Shui for Fame card with a unique matching gift! Select from our Saraswati Yantra, Vaibav Lakshmi Yantra, or  Om Gum Ganesha Bracelet to encourage FAME for a talented  special friend or loved one. Blushing Buddha's favorite gift to give with our Feng Shui for Fame card is our unique and powerful Creative Heart Zoisite and Ruby Wand!

 All of Angel’s images are copyrighted. As per Angel's wishes, we have placed the © symbol on the scans we made and uploaded of Angel's artwork to represent © Agnes Krumins copyright from 2010 to present! Please visit Blushing Buddha's  Artist Bios page to learn more about Angel.

Feng Shui For Fame: Healing Art Card

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