Feng Shui For Career: Healing Art Card

This art card was created by Angel to aid you in inviting Career luck into your life.

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The use of various shades of  blue empowers this Feng Shui design to unlock vast opportunities along one's desired career path! Feng Shui masters usually correlate the Northern blue ocean colors with the quality of Wisdom reuqired to attract new career possibilities. The fruit is in the labor and the perfect career match produces a labor of love. An inspiring gift to give someone who has confided in you that they would like to change their career path or enhance their current career.

Blushing Buddha presents Impressionist Feng Shui Art Cards handcrafted by healing artist Angel. Send to friends, family, and loved ones to express your Bhakti and open up the door to healing through art and the written word. Each card opens to reveal an empty space giving you the ultimate opportunity to personally express your deepest blessings.

Detail: Most cards are approximately 4.5 x 6 inches. Each card is printed from Angel’s original artwork and are hand embellished with glitter and/or bling. A plain white envelope is included with each card.

Angel uses various paper colors to matte her art images. For example, if you order the "Magical Peacock" card you will receive that exact art image. However, the background color may not match the exact color as displayed on our web-store image.

Blushing Buddha's Practice: For additional career luck, place the card in your North Palace or on a desk or table that sits against a North facing wall. Place special items around the card that assist you in contemplating your career.

Example: if you have always visualized yourself as a photographer, arrange a table with your camera, a few favorite photographs you have taken, a sample business card with your name, and a photograph of the ocean . Place a few seashells around all the items. Light a blue candle on Wednesday evenings and visualize wealth, recognition and delight birthing from your career path.

Blushing Buddha's Sparkle: Purchase our Ruby Ganesha if you believe that strong outside obstacles, lack of confidence, or lack of courage is keeping a dear friend or family member from taking the steps needed to start their dream job.

Place the Impressionist Feng Shui for Career art card and the Ruby Ganesha in a blue box. Glue a few seashells to the top of the box. Finally, play ambient ocean sounds while you visualize the recipient telling you about a fantastic career experience.

Concentrate more on the happy emotions shared during the conversation and less on the actual words. Leave the specifics open to the recipient. Take the time to enjoy the process of gifting and then gift yourself with a special meal, a long herbal bath, or a restorative reading hour. Other Blushing Buddha gifts that pair well with this card include our Goddess Circe Shell Ring and Saraswati Yantra.

All of Angel’s images are copyrighted. As per Angel's wishes, we have placed the © symbol on the scans we made and uploaded of Angel's artwork to represent © Agnes Krumins copyright from 2010 to present! Please visit Blushing Buddha's "Artist Bios" page  to learn more about Angel.

Feng Shui For Career: Healing Art Card

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