Durga Chandi Ma Yantra

Be prepared for an intense clearing of the battlefield in your mind. The Durga Chandi Ma yantra takes no prisoners. The king of thoughts and his army are destroyed. All that remains is a pure strong sense of Self as ONE with the powerful Divine force.

A recommended yantra for increasing spirit essence,protection, completion, victory, fearlessness, and ethical clarity.

Detail: 2x2 inches square, copper yantra, plated with 24 carat gold.

All of our yantras are blessed and energized in India.

The superfine etching makes each yantra an intricate work of art.

 Mantra: Om Aim Hreem Kleem Chamudaye Vicche Swaha

Blushing Buddha's Practice: Start your practice by taking a salt bath or shower with salt scrub. Place a few drops of Angelica essential oil in your bath or scrub. Clean the yantra with spring, rose, or basil water.

Take the yantra outside to absorb sunlight before starting practice. Light a candle and sit in easy pose facing East. Place sandalwood paste on all four corners of the yantra and then place a dot of paste in the center. Push a bolster up against the wall if you need extra support to maintain a straight spine. Complete 3-8 minutes of nadi shodhana.

Gaze at the yantra. Recite the mantra 9 times. Begin deep breathing: long inhales through the nose and long exhales pushed out in an even stream through the lips. Watch the candlelight dance on the golden yantra. If you become distracted, practice observing your breath. Soften your gaze until you can see the geometrical images lift off of the yantra and project into mid air about 10-12 inches  in front of you. Play with the image until your line of sight can adjust to see the yantra in full detail.

Continue to observe the patterns in the yantra until you feel one with the yantra. Allow the images to glide towards you past your line of sight until you can feel a tingling sensation on your third eye. Use your internal sight to see the yantra design being absorbed into your third eye. Close your eyes and meditate. When you feel the calling to awaken, open your eyes and stretch. Bow your head, hands to heart, and whisper "Namaste". Take your yoga journal and write down any details you would like to remember about your practice.

Blushing Buddha's Sparkle: Purchase our Durga Ready for Battle hand crafted greeting card and Goddess Durga Victory bracelet. Our Goddess Durga Victory Bracelet is made up of 7 faceted (mukhi) rudraksha beads and a fierce sterling silver Durga charm. Place the card and bracelet inside a box and wrap in purple or red paper. Next place the Durga Chandi Ma yantra on top of the box. Take a gold ribbon or raffia and seccure the yantra on top of the box. Fee free to get creative! Re-use something laying around the house as your gift wrap material. Sing outloud a Durga mantra nine times. Meditate on your intention for giving the gift. Finally light a candle near the gift package and place your itnention into the flame. When the candle burns out give your blessed gift with Bhakti and a smile!

Durga Chandi Ma Yantra

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