Divine Voice Japa Mala

Blushing Buddha's Divine Voice Japa Mala is crafted in India with love using rudraksha six faceted (mukhi) natural seed beads. We especially selected the Divine Voice Japa Mala for yoga teachers and students who are open to increasing their vocal stamina and clarity. Truly an enlightened mala for all those devoted to education.

We also recommend this mala for our yogis and yoginis who are in the process of  expanding their apperception of global art & music.

Detail: A total of eleven rudraksha six faceted (mukhi) natural seed beads. Made for japa, we recommend holding the mala in the right hand for keeping count of prayers, mantras, and affirmations. Wool spacers separate and highlight each bead.

Note: You have the option to select red or maroon wool spacers.

Vedic Power of 6

Deity: Lord Katikeya, Lord Shiva, and Goddess Parvarti's second son. Lord Katikeya's gift bestows iron will power and an open attitude towards embracing higher knowledge.

Jyotish: Lord Katikeya is the ruler of Mars. Six faceted (mukhi) rudraksha beads are used in India to rule planet Venus. We suggest using our japa mala to diminish the conditioned tendencies of the ego. Anyone who is experiencing a particularly challenging Venus or Mars transit may want to focus their japa practice on:distinguishing what is real from what is not real, learning from one’s mistakes, and Divine union through taking the journey inward. While usually all japa practice is done with the right hand, some practitioners suggest that due to the polarity of this rudraksha mala, japa be performed while holding the mala in the right hand for yogis and left hand for yoginis.

Vastu Shastra: Open to the gifts of Venus by sitting in your South-east or center palace. Practice your japa in all eight directions.

Health: Six faceted (mukhi) rudraksha beads are used in India to heal the reproductive organs, mouth, throat, and head.

Mantra: Om Hreem Hum Namaha!

Blushing Buddha's Secret: There came a time when the Blushing Buddha's voice felt flat. The Divine Voice Japa Mala assisted her towards rediscovering her "teaching voice" as well as opening her to new forms of music.

Blushing Buddha Shares: One day I decided the time was ripe enhance my CYT certification through further education. Feelings of courage and fear took up ample space in my heart while enrolled in: anatomy for yoga teachers, intermediate asana, and yoga philosophy. By the grace of pure bhakti emanating from my teachers, I fell in love with the classroom once more. Kismet! In between homework assignments I found the Divine Voice Japa Malas. My wish is that the Divine Voice Mala helps new teachers find their  unique "teaching voice". Also, my wish is that experienced teachers rediscover their teaching voice and reach subtle yet powerful new vibrations within their chanting practice.

Blushing Buddha's Meditation Recipe: Sit comfortably in easy pose in your center palace. Face South.  Using your right thumb and index finger anoint each of the rudraksha beads with sandalwood paste. Visualize the monkey God Hanuman chanting in a clear powerful voice "Om Hreem Hum Namaha ".  Proceed to recite back to Lord Hanuman out loud : "Om Hreem Hum Namaha". Each time you recite the mantra move on to the next bead of your "Divine Voice Japa Mala" until you have completed eleven recitations. Allow your Divine sound to infuse each and every cell of your body with Wisdom and pure Love.


Blushing Buddha's Sparkle: Present Our DivineVoice Japa Mala along with our handcrafted Lord Hanuman Card. A great combo gift for opening a special someone to their "Divine Voice"!

Divine Voice Japa Mala

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