Crystal Sumarni Travel Japa Mala

Feel the power of quartz crystal japa mantra beads! Take your Crystal Sumarni Travel Mala with you to class, work, or on holiday.

This japa mala is lightweight, simple, and graceful. A perfect mala to perform japa between classes, on lunch breaks, and between meetings. The term " japa" traditionally refers to a set of 108 mantras.

The Sumarni japa mala is smaller then the traditional 108 bead japa mala and thus requires 4 rounds to complete the traditional 108 mantra repetitions. Hang your mala in a sunny colorful garden to infuse your japa crystal beads with the rainbow reflections of nature.



12 inches long

Crafted in India with love!

27 smooth round clear quartz crystal beads

Plus 1 additional bead to dedicate to the Guru

The Guru bead will assist you in counting your 108 mantra repetitions


Blushing Buddha's Practice: Start your practice by exposing your mala to the sun. You may want to energize the mala by hanging it from a favorite tree branch for  24-48 hours. Experiment with creating a subtle electrical current by rubbing your right thumb and index finger together in a dark lit room.  Soften your gaze and relax your mind and body. Eventually you should see a faint charge between your fingers. Chose a short Devi mantra and commit to that specific mantra for  1-4 months.  Find the Guru bead. A tassel tied to on the end of the Guru bead. Take the japa mala in your right hand and find the first bead tied closest to the Guru bead. Rub the bead with your thumb and index finger. Feel how quickly the heat from your touch is absorbed by the crystal. Allow the warmth and smooth texture of the bead to regulate and calm your breath. Speak your first mantra repetition out loud. If you have worked with your chosen mantra before and know it well, then go ahead and speak the mantra silently. Continue until you have completed four rounds (27 x 4 = 108) of mantra. Make sure you move the beads directionally towards your body as you speak each mantra. Complete your practice by cupping your japa mala inside your prayer hands. Hold the beads at your heart chakra, third eye, and finally at your crown. 


Blushing Buddha's Secret: Whenever you work with japa mantra remember the core intention of each practice is to join your unique consciousness with universal consciousness. Feel the cosmic energy in each mantra. You are honoring no less than 108 forms of cosmic energy with each japa practice. Allow the sacred Sanskrit language and power of your inner voice to activate and balance the Divine cosmic dust that embodies your very essence.


Blushing Buddha's Sparkle: Purchase one of our Divine greeting cards to gift together with our Crystal Sumarni  Travel Japa Mala. Write your blessings inside the card. You may also want to suggest a special mantra to your gift recipient. Our "Om Sparkle" healing art greeting card makes a blessed accompaniment to our japa mala.

Crystal Sumarni Travel Japa Mala

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