Creative Heart Zoisite & Ruby Wand

Ignite the true depths of your creative heart with our energizing Zoisite Ruby wand. Wood & Fire! Head & Heart!


The energy matrix of ruby, zoisite, and quartz crystal assists the practitioner with: opening and balancing the third eye,creating harmonious authentic relationships,a deeper appreciation of life and all living creatures, and continuous stamina! Wands are often used for acupuncture, meditation, and healing rituals

Detail: Ruby and Zoisite shaft, 2.5 - 3 inches circumference, 8 - 8.25 inches in length from top of quartz crystal sphere to quartz crystal point, decorative silver foil at the base and top portion of wand, 8 cabochon garnets total: 4 at base and 4 at the top end. Each wand is unique as no two are exactly alike. For example: The size of the garnet cabochons and the clarity of each crystal point varies with each wand. The points are made from real quartz crystal and thus possess natural inclusions. These wands are very ornate and somewhat delicate due to decorative silver foil. Please be gentle with your wand and try to avoid pressing hard on the crystal point. 

Healing Properties:

The energy matrix of ruby, zoisite, and quartz crystal assists the practioner with: opening and blancing the third eye, creating harmonious authentic relationships, a deeper appreciation of life, and all living creatures, and continuous stamina! Wands are often used for acupuncture, meditation, and healing rituals.

Zoisite: Rebirth, growth, healing, deeper understanding, expansion, higher learning, head and heart as One, awakening!

Ruby: Heart opening, energitic, lionhearted, passionate, and true.

Crystal: Clarifies & amplifies the practitioner's intentions.

The energy 

Zoisite & Ruby: Harmonizes Head & Heart so that one can lead a truly creative authentic life. Working in unison these stones can dispel fears, increase trust in decision making, and facilitate the ability to let go and let GOD. Ultimately the practitioner may use these stones to work through rebirthing the perception of the true self, clarifying one's unique purpose in the world, and opening the entire being to exploring life from a new and wondrous vantage point.


Blushing Buddha's Practice: The Phoenix Rises!

1. Sit comfortably in a garden on a sunny day. Place your Creative Heart Zoisite Ruby Wand on top of a thick white square of mat board within arms reach. Make sure the wand is in a sunny spot where it can soak up energizing rays of light.

2. Practice maintaining a straight spine while at the same time relaxing any tension in the body. Use deep long inhales and exhales to assist you in releasing and relaxing. Speak silently or out-loud: "Please reveal my true heart." Open to receiving inner wisdom.

3. In your mind's eye see a flow of golden light circulating through a channel between the third eye and heart chakra. Take your wand and stroke the crystal point gently up and down between your heart chakra and third eye. Keep moving the crystal point continually between the heart chakra and third eye until you feel a tingling sensation or open flow of energy.

4. Speak the words, "Please reveal to me a wondrous image that's inline with my true heart." Place the crystal point of the wand lightly (barely touching) onto the mat board and allow your hand to be guided by the movement of the crystal. Focus on the image that is unfolding before you. When the image is clear, point the crystal point upward until the image lifts off the page transforming into an animated 3-d form. Place the image in a bubble and allow it to float skyward.

5. Hold the wand at your heart space while focusing on the image of a fledgeling Phoenix inside your heart. Watch as the bird matures in color, size, and splendor. Feel the fire and passion in your heart connect to the heart of the Phoenix. Energize each wing with your love. Smile as the Phoenix flies from your heart and soars up towards the heavens. Stretch your arms up to the sky and speak, " I know my true heart."

6. Stretch your legs and roll your body over the earth. When ready, stand up and take a contemplative walk through the garden. Make sure to write and dottle in your yoga journal to record inspired images and thoughts throughout the rest of the day.

Blushing Buddha's Secret: Watch your wand GLOW! Take your Creative Heart Zoisite Ruby Wand into a dark closet and shine your flashlight on the shaft of the wand.  


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Creative Heart Zoisite & Ruby Wand

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