Crafty Yogini Wish Fulfilling Locket

Blushing Buddha's design combines the powerful protection mantras of an Om locket style kavach with the wish fulfilling powers of a Lord Ganesha eight mukhi rudraksha natural seed bead.

DYI yoginis, here is your opportunity to customize your kavach into a pony tail holder, bracelet, or pendant. Included with the kavach is a long red elastic cord to assist you in working your yogini crafting magic.

Om Gum! The yogini crafting possibilities are endless. 

Limited time special: In appreciation of our happy customers, we have taken 27% off our list price of $66.00! 


Made with Bhakti in India: round silver Om locket style kavach encased with black chirmi beads and mantra. A protection mantra is recited in India over the kavach during a ceremonial fire or Homa. One Nepalese 8 mukhi rudraksha natural seed bead dangles from the kavach locket. Size of locket: 1.5 inches. Silver: 4.7 grams. Long red elastic cord included. 


Blushing Buddha's Sparkle: Measure your best friend's, brother's, or sister's wrist. Collect traditional Rakhi string in their favorite colors and make a custom friendship bracelet. Attach our Crafty Yogini Wish Fulfilling Locket so that it dangles from the bracelet. Light a candle and incense. Recite your favorite Ganesha mantra 8 times with the intention of Lord Ganesha removing all obstacles to a strong and happy friendship. Wish that you will be as good for your friend as they are for you. Wave the bracelet through the incense eight times. Smile wide in happy anticipation of all the good times you will share together.


Blushing Buddha's Secret: While watching the film, The Mistress of Spices,  I noticed Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's character wearing a simple red string tied to her wrist. A rudraksha bead was tied to the red string and dangled from her wrist as she worked with the spices. Aishwarya's character, Tilo , used her intuitive knowledge of herbs to help people fulfill her wishes. Hence the inspiration for the Crafty Yogini Wish Fulfilling Locket. Much Bhakti and congratulations to Mrs. Rai Bachchan for being a loving mother, successful film actress, and determined International Good Will Ambassador!


What's blushing Buddha's favorite Aishwarya Rai movie? 

Answer: Jodhaa Akbar! Period films that have at least a few roots in real historical events are fun to watch. I particularly like the grandeur of Bollywood's period costumes. In this film, Aishwarya Rai plays a strong, wise, and graceful character. Also, Jodhaa Akbar is an extraordinarily  heart warming love  story!

Crafty Yogini Wish Fulfilling Locket

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