Blushing Buddha's Peacock Yoga Blocks

Blushing Buddha presents hand crafted peacock yoga blocks! Mendhi inspired design, artsy, fun, and very light weight! Great buy!  

 Dimensions: Each hand crafted yoga block is "unique". Approximately: 81/4 inches in length, 5 inches in width and 3 inches in depth.

Click here to check out our matching peacock yoga pants. Our yoga pants are made of organic cotton, smart fit, and very comfy!

Detail: Price is per block! Light weight hollow center pine block. Exclusive Blushing Buddha mendhi peacock stamped on one side of the block!

Thank you Melissa for creating our exclusive peacock design.Thank you Wendy for the fantastic custom stamp! Blushing Buddha's Peacock Yoga Block-© Copyright 2014 all rights reserved. Read more about Melissa on our Artist's Bio Page!

Please be gentle with your yoga blocks! These blocks will dent if dropped on hard surfaces.

Blushing Buddha's Peacock Yoga Blocks

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