Blushing Buddha's Organic Cotton Tee



Blushing Buddha's organic cotton tee is super soft. Enjoy wearing this graceful design with your favorite yoga pants, jeans, and skirts.


Limited time special: In appreciation of our happy customers, we have taken 27% off our list price of $37.89!


 Blushing Buddha's Message: The text over the top portion of our tee reads:


"Tat Tvam Asi. You are that"
-Chandogya Upanishad



Style: Burn-Out: A T-shirt style that simulates the look of a tee that's soft and thin from years of love and wear.

Manufacturer: threadsforthought

Color: White cotton and cream silk sleeves.  In darker lighting our t-shirt shade resembles eggshell (not pure white).

Material: Super soft, lightweight, and somewhat transparent. Suggestions: Wear with a white or slightly off-white bra, camisole or tank top. Body of the tee: 50% organic cotton & 50% recycled polyester. Sleeves: silk chemise.


Blushing Buddha's Gratitude:

The bottom of our tee reads "".

We honor your part in sharing our web address with others by purchasing and wearing Blushing Buddha's Organic Cotton Tee. The mark-up on this tee has been considerably reduced as Blushing Buddha's way to sincerely say, "Thank you & Namaste!"


Blushing Buddha Shares: The creative process that spurred the Blushing Buddha logo/web print design was amazing. I worked with a very talented digital paint artist in Canada. Olga was terrific. She was very patient with my seemingly unending design change requests. Blushing Buddha sends her lovely artist Olga big hugs and much "gratitude". Learn more about Olga on Blushing Buddha's Artist Bios page.


Blushing Buddha's Sparkle: Purchasing gifts? Pair Blushing Buddha's Organic Cotton Tee with our Hatha Yogini Bhakti Bracelet! The creamy white pearls, two mukhi rudraksha beads, and silver charm enhance the intended blessings of  both of these Blushing Buddha Favorites: Grace, Peace, and Divine Self.


You may also want to purchase one of our Divinely Enchanting Healing Art Cards to present with your gifts.




Blushing Buddha's Organic Cotton Tee

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