Amorous Crane Twosome Healing Art Card

Two cranes flying are often represented in Eastern artwork as birds of happiness. Coupled crane images are gifted to wish a couple good fortune or to assist a single loved one in attracting a happy relationship.

Many crane fossils are very old and cranes are thought to be one of the oldest birds on earth.Thus, crane images are also traditionally given to wish one good health and long life. Crane symbology is used to encourage healing and peace in the aftermath of war and thought to carry devotees to spiritual enlightenment.

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Blushing Buddha presents "Magical Creatures of Good Fortune Art Cards" handcrafted by healing artist Angel. Send to friends, family, and loved ones to express your Bhakti and open the door to healing through art and the written word. Each card opens to reveal an empty space giving you the ultimate opportunity to express your deepest blessings.

Detail: Most cards are approximately 4.5 x 6 inches. Each card is printed from Angel’s original artwork and are hand embellished with glitter and/or bling. A plain white envelope is included with each card.

Angel uses various paper colors to matte her art images. For example if you order the "Magical Peacock" card you will receive that exact art image. However, the background color may not match the exact color as displayed on our web-store image.


Blushing Buddha's Secret: She has a small entry table carved with crane couples as well as a crane couple faux gilded credenza. I wonder if she has a secret wish? Would the answer make the Buddha blush? Maybe she's hoping her Beloved will send her the Amorous Crane Twosome art card? What shall the message read? Dear Blushing Buddha, _____________ Love _____xo! 


Blushing Buddha's Sparkle: Are you attending a bridal shower, engagement party, or wedding? Do you have a dear single friend who's ready for a romantic commitment? Purchase our Shiva Parvarti Agapi Mou Pendant along with our Amorous Crane Twosome card to wish the couple soul union, true love, happiness, and  long life! Our Agapi Mou Pendant mixes the power of a rare double Gauri Shankar rudraksha bead together with Silver & Pearls: Our friends of the Goddess Moon!


 All of Angel’s images are copyrighted. As per Angel's wishes, we have placed the © symbol on all of the scans we made and uploaded of Angel's artwork to represent © Agnes Krumins copyright from 2010 to present! Please visit Blushing Buddha's Artist Bios page to learn more about Angel.



Amorous Crane Twosome Healing Art Card

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