8 Auspicious Symbols: Prayer Flags

Beautiful colorful prayer flags featuring the 8 Buddhist Symbols! When the 8 Auspicious symbols appear together, the power to release all suffering and bestow healing & happiness is greatly multiplied! These fully hemmed high quality flags are perfect for the home entrance, garden archway, indoor altar, or "yoga-meditation-prayer" room. Scroll down to "Blushing Buddha Shares" to read more about the "Magic of Prayer Flags"!

Details: Screen printed on 100% fine soft cotton and hemmed at the borders. Each flag has a different auspicious symbol. Underneath each auspicious design, the traditional symbolic meaning is printed in English.

Colors: Yellow, Golden Yellow, Deep Blue,Teal, Turquoise Blue, Red, Green, and White. Text is printed in white, black, or gold ink to contrast the background fabric color.

Dimensions: Total of 8 prayer flags! Each Flag measures: 9"W X 11"H . Total string length is 7 1/2 feet.



Auspicious Symbols:

 1. Parasol of Protection: "Protection from sickness obstacles and suffering"


2. Double Happiness or Golden Fishes: "Happiness due to fearlessness, fertility & abundance in the ocean of samsara"


3. Eternity Knot: "Buddha's endless wisdom and compassion"


4. Urn of Longevity: "Endless rain of long life, wealth, and prosperity"


5. Lotus: "Purity, renunciation & divinity"


6. Conch: "Sound of the spreading of Buddha Dharma"


7. Victory Banner: "Victory over obstacles and negatives"


8. Kalachakra Wheel: "Wheel of Dharma: Shakyamuni Buddha and Dharma Teachings"


Recommended Placement: Buddha's Direction in Feng Shui is North. Hang these Flags in the North sector of your home facing South! Vastu Shastra: Place on a North Wall  in your NE sector puja meditation room and chant, "Om Namo Bhagavate Buddha Devaya Namaha" 108 times!

 Blushing Buddha's Recommended Mantra:  Om Ha Ksa Ma La Va Ra Yam Swaha!

Blushing Buddha's Mediation: Decide where you are going to install your prayer flags. Light several sticks of incense in a bowl of sand and sit in a comfortable spot holding the prayer flags in your hands. Place the incense bowl near you.

Relax your muscles starting with your toes all the way up to your scalp. Inhale and exhale deeply. Chant the mantra, "Om Ha Ksa Ma La Va Ra Yam Swaha" as many times as you need to energize the field around you. Look at each symbol on the flag one by one.

Each time you look at one of the 8 auspicious symbols close your eyes and see if you can still see the symbol in your mind's eye. When you have practiced visualizing each of the symbols in your mind's eye, bring your hands together in prayer at your heart space.

Open your eyes and stretch your body. Smile! Install your new 8 Auspicious Prayer Flags with Joy! Did you feel particularly connected with one or more of the symbols? Did you have any other realizations? Write down any experiences you want to remember or share later in your yoga journal. 


Blushing Buddha's Shares: "The Magic of Prayer Flags" is alive and well in many homes, 
gardens, and temples! One of my favorite magical prayer flag experiences came during a day I was
enjoying a long distance phone call with a friend. While chatting, I decided to walk over to the open
door of my garden patio. I looked down at my toes to discover a large beautiful moth! I thought, 
"Oh no, if I had not looked down I could have stepped on him/her!" I bent down to get a closer look
at the moth. The closer I got the more detail I could observe of the wings, eyes, and antennae. Finally,
the moth took flight and landed on my old tattered wind horse prayer flags a few feet away from the
patio door. 




Notice the moth's front leg is pointing at a word on the prayer flag: " Generosity"! 
The Divine was generous for I was able to "see" the moth instead of stepping on the 
moth! The moth gave me the generous opportunity to observe him/her in detail! My
friend showed me generosity by staying on the phone and sharing the experience with
me! The following week, I re-experienced the simple natural beauty of that day. The gift
of generosity was created again and again! It's my wish that each of you have very happy
magical experiences with your 8 Auspicious Symbols prayer flags! 

8 Auspicious Symbols: Prayer Flags

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